Dan Mitchell has worked with the homeless for nearly 60 years, when his parents sponsored Cuban refugee families in their modest home with their eight children learning humanity, sharing, humor, and non-judgmental diversity. Dan has spent the past 20 years managing shelters and is now semi-retired as GM of a seasonal Summer resort.

In 1984, Dan began Project Homebound in northern NH, which celebrates its 35th Anniversary Thanksgiving Week 2019, after feeding tens of thousands of people in need (with a week's full of groceries). The State of NH honored Dan with a Resolution of Appreciation on Project Homebound's 30th Anniversary five years ago.

Dan continues to bring awareness to the homeless crisis plaguing the nation. With Project NH and expanding out to every other state. Project NH will work to make NH the FIRST state to eliminate homelessness in America. October 18-25, 2020. Hospitality returns to NH in its purest form. WILL YOU HELP HOST SOMEONE?

"People become homeless because of lack of networking. For a SINGLE WEEK, Project NH seeks to have the 1,750 NH residents, with 1.5 million NH awesome citizens, within 250+ cities and towns, alongside hundreds of churches and civic organizations, to make October 18-25, 2020 a hospitable state of hosting for those in need. "
Dan Mitchell

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